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Sunday, March 25, 2012

My Favorite TVXQ's song and PV

This is my preference song from TVXQ when they were still five person. Hmm... Ahh I don't want to say it again before my tears are flowing. But I like them, their voice are really really make a good harmony. Huhu... no cry again. I always listen to this song when I'm studying, give me some relaxed feeling and ahh I can't describe it to words. It's very awesome!!!

1. Douhsite Kimi wo Suki ni Shimattan Darou? (Why did I fall in love with you?)

May be this is the best romantic sad song from TVXQ (especially for me). I'm very like this song. Their voice are really into the harmony. And Jejung's voice is really awesome when reaching high tone in this song, not only Jejung but also Junsu, Changmin, Yuchun, and Yunho.

2. Purple Line

This song brought them to be the first foreign boy band to reach #1 in Oricon Chart again after Summer Dream single. I like their dance performances in live with this song, really upbeat. According to the members, the name "Purple Line" refers to the thin rays of light on horizon when the sun sets [1]. Well, in their video documentary "History in Japan", they said about the meaning behind the song title.

3. Sky

When I'm listening to this song, I feel that we must face forward our life to next stage better than now. The song is relaxing and cheerful, I like to listen it when reading or studying. And the PV, I like the beach scene when they walked together. The rapping part is also good, wuah Yuchun can spell it very fast and like a native, of course, he have lived in America for some years.

4. Summer Dream

This is another relaxing and cheerful song from TVXQ that I like. With beach scene again, well the theme is same as Sky about summer. This song reach number #1 in Oricon Chart. Finally their hard work to debut in Japan were paid up. 

The PV scene has interesting part in the end, the other members were imitating Junsu's dance. I like the part when they are in the car and seeing the scenery. In a-nation 2009 live performances, Junsu took chance in this part and he is making a cute pose. Well, it made Jejung to laugh and only Yunho and Changmin imitate him. Haha XD

I found their performance in a-nation 2009. Check it.

5. Kiss the Baby Sky

Yuchun made this song, well this is their first song that is composed by the member. It's made them happy and very proud to Yuchun. They are praising Yuchun when Zoom In interviewed them and also Yuchun was very happy and his face tried to say "Please praise me more..." ( LOL). Actually, this song is for Zoom In theme in Fall 2008. And Yuchun said that if they want to make the PV, they will ask the two main announcers (Hatori-san and the one is em... I forgot it) to be the castings in their PV. Finally the made it, and the announcers are being the casting. I have seen the making of PV, and their PV shooting took at 3 a.m. Of course they are tired and sleepy. Yuchun made some weird dance with Junsu to fly away the sleepy feeling.

How do you think? Are you have another preference order for their song? But this my only preference, everyone has their preference. So please open your mind... Thanks :D

To be continued. . .

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