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Friday, March 2, 2012

Just For Laugh : Fullmetal Alchemist Koma Theater 6 (Side Joke from the Original TV Series)

I found some interesting video of FMA Koma theater, gyahahaha. So lets laugh...

Opening theater :
Started with a sad music...
Lan Fan : Young master... young master... young master... Young masteeeerrr!!!!
Sound of empty stomach (kRuuuuuukkkkk)
Ling Yao : I'm... ve...ry... hung... ry...

Continued with

Sorry I couldn't read the hiragana and kanji so I can't read the title.
Part 1
Roy : Although I'll die, I'm still doing this mission
Lust : Gyaaaaaaa... What's?
Roy : Buuhh... (Croottt) Uh, my wound is opened... (die from laugh)
Al and Riza : Colooooneeeel!!!
Lust : What's?

Part 2
Ling Yao : Alphonse's body has many benefits, right? If his body has a trouble, he can take his soul to another body, right? If there is a way like that, I can attach my soul to another huge and strong body. It's very cool! Wuaaa!!!
Lan Fan : A strong and huge body? 
Ling Yao in Lan Fan's mind : Hi! I'm a Japanese prince.
Lan Fan : Huwaaaa!!
Ling Yao : He? What's? You got it?

Part 3
Havoc : You must go to be a higher rank, You must go although have to throw away me. I don't need your emphaty!
Roy : I understand. I will go up.
(Roy hold a book, I can't read the title but it's make a shock to Havoc. May be list book of nice girl that date with Roy? Since he is a playboy.)
Roy : I will go up so you should follow me. You should follow me!
Havoc : Uh! Uh! Uh!

Part 4
Winry : Give back my father and mother!!! Huaaaa!!!
Scar : (Gyut) I couldn't, the one who kill your parent is me. As subtitute... From now, I will be your father and mother. Please, fly to your mother's side!!!
Al : Don't dirty your hand for this kind of person, Winry.
Winry : You're right.

To be continued...
Lets Laugh!!!

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