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Friday, March 2, 2012

Just For Laugh : Fullmetal Alchemist Koma Theater 5 (Side Joke from the Original TV Series)

Lets Laugh again!!!!

Another FMA side joke from the original stories...
Found interesting? Check it now.

Opening :
Scar : It's cute. Emhh... Uugh...
May : Xiao Mei!
Scar : Uagh!

Part 1
May : Ugh!
Yoki : Wow! It's impressive, his leg's wound is healed. And... Hwaaa!!!
(Scar holding a mirror, so his scar at face also...)
Yoki : His scar at face is also healed!!!
Scar : My charm point!!! Ohhh!!!
May : I've done an unnecessary thing.

Part 2
Havoc : I want to know more about you, Solaris. Are you have siblings?
Solaris (Lust) : I have, we are seven siblings. All of us born from our father. This is my younger brothers' photographs.
Havoc :  Wuaaahh, you have interesting siblings, right? And your mother?
Solaris (Lust) : We haven't mother.
Havoc : He? You didn't have mother?
Solaris (Lust) : Yes, so I always make meals for my siblings. Like this, shaku shaku...
Havoc : Wuaahhh... It's sharp.
At another place Havoc.
Havoc : She is like a good and honesty girl, but at around her collarbone's part, there is a tattoo. Like this kind of tattoo. She is in a Central now.
Breda : Colonel, we got an information about Homonculus.
Roy (in phone) : He is really an idiot.

Part 2
Roy : You're Maria Rose, right? You have...
Maria : Punishment!!
Roy : Gya hack...
For some time
Roy : Hi, fullmetal. Please help me.

Part 3
A serious BGM.
Roy : What do you think?
Breda : You ask me about my thought? I like her hair, not too long. And not too tall girl is cuter.
Roy : What are you saying?
Breda : It's my military-girl type. She has enough criteria for me but we can't help with her size, right?
Roy : Shut your mouth, fatty!
Uaaahhh this joke really make my stomach rolling... Roy asked her thought about a suspect that kill his fried, Hughes, but Breda answer it with different perspective. Hahahaha of course Roy is angry.

To be continued...

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