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Friday, March 2, 2012

Just For Laugh : Fullmetal Alchemist Koma Theater 4 (Side Joke from the Original TV Series)

Yooo... Lets laugh again...
Lets watch the episode 4...

Izumi and Sig : Pap para...
Izumi : Hoeckkk...

Part 1 (laboring time?)
Winry : Ed and Al bring warm water!
Ed and Al : Yes sir!
Winry : Paninya bring towel!
Paninya : Yes sir!
Winry : Minare-san bring short cake (?)
Minare : Yes sir!
Winry : Yosh, the left duty for me is calling doctor so help yourself until the time.
All : Heeee!!!
Bwahahahaha... At this scene Winry help the laboring by herself right?

Part 2 
Ed : Al, there are foxes behind you.
Al : Ha, they are here. Cute... It's for you (with throw away the meat)
The foxes : Kyaa... kyaa...
Ed and Al : Hahahahaha... 
Ed : They fall to our trap! 
Al : Nii-san, after this we can eat them, right?
Ed and Al : Hahahaha... Yatta! Yatta*!
(* We do it succesfully)
Izumi : Hem, we raise them very well.
Sig : We teach them unneccesary things.

Part 3
Al : Onii-san is a dog-chimera right?
Chimera : I have many benefits for have a dog-chimera's body.
Al : Woop! (throw plate for dog)
Chimera :  Kyuung...
Al : Wuah... it's cool... cool... You've done it very well.
Chimera : What are you doing?!
Al : Whoop! (throw a bone)
Chimera : Wank wank (kyuung kyung)

Part 4
A serious BGM.
A : Hey, you! Don't touch me!
B : It's very narrow!
Bradley : No, it's the weapon.
C : Shit! You touch my butt earlier, right?
D : Uhh,  it's hurt. Hey, who is doing this?
Bradley : It's not my real intention to hurt you. Forgive me.
(The train arrive at station but Bradley can't get out because his long sword)
E : Old man get out! Hurry up!
F : You make it slow!
Bradley : Oiya... Forgive me... I'm really sorry.
F : The train will depart soon.
E : What are you doing!
Bradley : I will not take train again!
Soldier A : What's happen?


To be continued...
Jang jang jang charam Jang jang cham cham!!!

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