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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

New Year's Eve of Miyano's family (subtitle)

This is from one of Miyano Mamoru's live gekidan (perhaps). Found one post about this gekidan from Mamo-chan's blog several months ago. The casts of this show are Mamo's best friends. 
This video can be seen in here.

Miyano Mamoru as Mamoru (M)
Takagi Shun as Okaa-san (O)
Namikawa Daisuke as Namisuke (N)
Shimono Hiro as Hiroko (H)

Mamo is singing and dancing Egoistic from his album (Fantasista).
M : Ahh, Mamoru nii-chan's live is really cool. I also want to be like Mamoru nii-chan.
O : Mamooo, don't make noise. what's are you doing?
M : Mom, Mamoru nii-chan is singing.
O : Okay... I understand, beside that Soba is already cooked. Please take the bowls out.
Mamo is continuing his dancing XD
O : Mamooo... I said to take the bowls out, right?
M : But Mamoru nii-chan is singing right now!
O : I knew it, don't make noise! This house is old and dangerous because many things will break down.
M : But... 
O : What?
M : Waaa!!!
O : Why?
M : Mom, there is knee(hiza?) below your mouth.
O : This is chin(?).
M : Waaa... (i dont understand it, gomen)
O : This is chin, not knee(?).
M : Knee is speaking?!
O : The chin(?) is speaking! The chin(?) speak???
M : That is chin? There is hair, right?
O : This is mustache.
M : Mom has mustache?
O : Mom has mustache. I don't have it!! You are noisy!
M : Mamoru nii-chan is singing. He is very cool.
O : Yes, Mamoru is our proudly son of Miyano's family. Mamo, please do your best to be Mamoru nii-chan.
M : Um... I will!! I will be like Mamoru nii-chan then someday I will be Galactic Pretty Boy.
O : You are Galactic Pretty Boy!!!
M : Why?
O : No, no... Mom is a little scared.
M : It is weird.
O : Weird? Despite that you didn't take the bowls out.
M : But it is hard to take it alone.
O : So you can call your older brother to help you. Where is your older brother?
M : Dunno...
O : Where is him right now?
M : Rokunanmon(?)
O : He is not you!!! Where did he go? Nobody knows?
N : Heyyy baby... I go home now...
O : Don't say Now I go home.
N : This is gift.
O : This isn't gift. You are an elementary's kid, where'd you go? 
N : A little...
O : You are...
N : Mondamin (?)
O : ...(haha i dont understand). So what is this?
N : Frisk.
O : You... (?)
N : (Namikawa made a oyaji gags)
O : You are only an elementary's kid. Don't think weird things.
N : But I will make Mamo become popular (?)
M : That's right, become popular guy is important.
O : What are you think?!
M : Become popular guy then I will be Galactic Pretty Boy.
O : YOU!!! Don't say it!
M : I didn't say it.
O : That's is my line in my past script so don't say it (when dubbing Star Driver :D)
M : I'm boring.
O : Boring? It's not boring. Then alright... Beside that Namisuke please take the bowls out with Mamo right now.
N : Yesss...
O : After that we will eat soba. What's happen to Hiroko?
M : Who is Hiroko?
N : Dunno...
O : She is your younger sister!
M : ah, that's Hiroko, right?
O : Why did you forget her? You are really idiot. Why did you laugh? Hirokooo!
H : Horribleee, Mom there is matter.
O : What did happen?
H : Mom became uglier...
O : You are noisy!
M : That's right. If you compare Mom to Hiroko... It will be horrible (XDDD Shimono is really beautiful)
O : You are noisy. I understand it, don't complain each matters to me.
H : But this is important things because I want to be pretty girl in the future.
O : Hiroko want to be pretty girl?
H : Umm...
M : Pretty girl? Then I will be pretty boy...
O : You said it earlier, right? Mamo, what will you want to be?
M : Web designer!
O : Don't say it! It is different from earlier.
M : What?
O : What is web designer?
M : People who make homepage.
O : I know it!
M : You knew it don't complain to me.
O : Although I knew but it is not the mean.
M : What is your mean? Once! Don't be panic
O : So... I didn't say anything.
M : Mom become panic.
N : But Hiroko became wonderful.
O : What's happen?
N : Hiroko has wonderful breast(?)
O : Hiroko didn't have it! But... it's true..
H : There is no chance then please have it(?)
N,M : Thank youuu....
O : Don't say thank you! Hiroko don't say weird words!
H : I'm sorryyy...
O : We will eat soba so please take the bowls out and tidy this room.

N : Yosh, let's playing.
H : Let's playing.
M : But we must tidy this room now.
N : It's alright.
H : What will we play?
N : Because we are elementary's kid so play karuta.
H : Karuta is right. I become player (the one who took the card).
M : I become player too.
N : I will be reader.
H : Are you alright niichan? Can you read kanji?
N : Of course! Don't underestimate your brother!
M : Please read it.
N : So let's do it.
(I dont understand it... sorry but it look like Namisuke read poem that full of kanji. His word is wrong XD)
N : You cannot take it?
H : But what is this?! Why is "dog is walking, we got mackerel"? That's idiot.
N : Haa "Mackerel is walking, we got mackerel"?
M : Why is all become mackerel?
N : Kanji is difficult, right?
O : What are you doing?! You didn't tidy anything.
M : That is mackerel.
O : Who is mackerel? Don't make me angry. Hurry tidy it.
N,M,H : Yesss...

O : Let's eat soba together. Let's pray Miyano's home to be alright for one year again. Itadakimasu.
N,M,H : Itadakimasu.
M : But I didn't particularly like soba.
O : Mamo... and all please hear me. Miso is symbol one year luck(?), so in important day to pray a longg lucky..... (?)
    So please eat all your soba.
M : Mom, what is this?
O : It's wasabi. It will make your soba become spicy. So please use a little.
M : (Mamo put all the wasabiii) Nii-chan what's that?
N : There's nothing. (Mamo exchanges his bowl)
M : Ahh sorry. It's only television. Itadakimasu.
N : What's that attitude?!
M : Lets eat soba.
N : Ughh...
O : Namisuke, are you alright?
H : What's happen niichan?
M : The soup is delicious.
O : Eat the soup slowly.
N : The soba hurted me.
O : Soba will not make you hurt.
N : The soba hurted me. My eyes is hurt.
O : Don't say it.
N : It's hurt!!!
H : Niichannn!!!
M : This is Mamo-Live (what do you mean Mamo-chan? You want Namikawa to handle his spicy face? :D)
N : This is really hurt.
O : Please eat it.
H : Niichan is noisy.
M : Mom, what is this?
O : It's red pepper. Please use a little.
M : Yesss... (Mamo put all of it again)
    Hiroko-chan, what's that?
H : What? Where did it? What's that Mamo niichan?
M : Sorry, that is sound director.
H : Sound director?
M : Lets eat soba.
H : Itadakimasu. Uuugh...
O : Hiroko please eat quietly. What's happen?
M : There is red things in your bowl, Hiroko chan.
O : Please eat quietly.
H : Mom, it's red... red
Mamo pointed his mom --> become the dark horse :D
H : Mom, sorry to interrupted you when eating but there is home task for tommorow. Please look this a little.
O : You study in this time, that is good.
Mamo and Namisuke put pepper and tabasco to their Mom's bowl :D
H : Thanks mom, I understand it.
M : Let's eat.
H : We are still eating.
O : Let's eat again.
all : itadakimasu.
O : Uughhh... Wait, did you put something in my soba?
N,M,H : We didn't know.... :D
M : Mom, we eat soba then family will be much longer.... (?) So let's eat it together. Mom said it, right?
O : It's right but it's hard to choke it.
M : Mom, I have something that will make it easier to choke. It will make you can choke it. (Mamo brings the Death sauce. That death sauce 10 times spicier than tabasco??? XD)
O : It will make me can choke it.
M : umm...
O : But there is skull's and fire's mark on it. This is alright?
M : This is alright.
O : There is DEATH, it means DEATH?
M : It alright (daijoubu DESU, DEATH=DESU :D)
O : That's DESU?
M : Delicious DESU.
O : Delicious?
M : It will make you can choke the (super spicy) soba.
O : It's really alright? Put much of it will be alright?
M : It's alright.
O : Alright? Yet you put all of it? Mamooo... Mamoooo!!!
     All of you will use it.
M : Mom, lets eat... XD
O : Lets eat. I will really EAT it?
all : itadakimasu
O : This is not edible food!
N : She is fainted.
H : She said this house is old and dangerous so don't make ruckus around it.
M : Ahh, What's happen to Mamoru-niichan live?
N : Let's watch it.
H : It will be done, right?
M : Turn on the television.

This show really make me laugh XD Hahahaha...
Shimono is really pretty here.
Hiroko and Okaa-san

Really make my day brighter in this day...
When doing my "ronbun" things perhaps I will watch this video again to make my mood up again *^^*

Sunday, March 25, 2012

My Favorite TVXQ's song and PV

This is my preference song from TVXQ when they were still five person. Hmm... Ahh I don't want to say it again before my tears are flowing. But I like them, their voice are really really make a good harmony. Huhu... no cry again. I always listen to this song when I'm studying, give me some relaxed feeling and ahh I can't describe it to words. It's very awesome!!!

1. Douhsite Kimi wo Suki ni Shimattan Darou? (Why did I fall in love with you?)

May be this is the best romantic sad song from TVXQ (especially for me). I'm very like this song. Their voice are really into the harmony. And Jejung's voice is really awesome when reaching high tone in this song, not only Jejung but also Junsu, Changmin, Yuchun, and Yunho.

2. Purple Line

This song brought them to be the first foreign boy band to reach #1 in Oricon Chart again after Summer Dream single. I like their dance performances in live with this song, really upbeat. According to the members, the name "Purple Line" refers to the thin rays of light on horizon when the sun sets [1]. Well, in their video documentary "History in Japan", they said about the meaning behind the song title.

3. Sky

When I'm listening to this song, I feel that we must face forward our life to next stage better than now. The song is relaxing and cheerful, I like to listen it when reading or studying. And the PV, I like the beach scene when they walked together. The rapping part is also good, wuah Yuchun can spell it very fast and like a native, of course, he have lived in America for some years.

4. Summer Dream

This is another relaxing and cheerful song from TVXQ that I like. With beach scene again, well the theme is same as Sky about summer. This song reach number #1 in Oricon Chart. Finally their hard work to debut in Japan were paid up. 

The PV scene has interesting part in the end, the other members were imitating Junsu's dance. I like the part when they are in the car and seeing the scenery. In a-nation 2009 live performances, Junsu took chance in this part and he is making a cute pose. Well, it made Jejung to laugh and only Yunho and Changmin imitate him. Haha XD

I found their performance in a-nation 2009. Check it.

5. Kiss the Baby Sky

Yuchun made this song, well this is their first song that is composed by the member. It's made them happy and very proud to Yuchun. They are praising Yuchun when Zoom In interviewed them and also Yuchun was very happy and his face tried to say "Please praise me more..." ( LOL). Actually, this song is for Zoom In theme in Fall 2008. And Yuchun said that if they want to make the PV, they will ask the two main announcers (Hatori-san and the one is em... I forgot it) to be the castings in their PV. Finally the made it, and the announcers are being the casting. I have seen the making of PV, and their PV shooting took at 3 a.m. Of course they are tired and sleepy. Yuchun made some weird dance with Junsu to fly away the sleepy feeling.

How do you think? Are you have another preference order for their song? But this my only preference, everyone has their preference. So please open your mind... Thanks :D

To be continued. . .
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