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Saturday, January 28, 2012

One Million Yen Girl

one million yen girl 01 Pictures, Images and Photos
one million yen girl 01. Image credit by echowillow

Wow, this is my first post in 2012 ;). Long time no see minna san. For past four months I got busy to prepare something and almost forget my blog (baka baka na hito desu ne). Now, I want to review this movie. Eventually I like Aoi Yu and this is one of her movie. So lets start the review.

Satou Suzuko (Aoi Yu) is only an ordinary girl. She is living with her parent and little brother. Suzuko works as a part timer, actually she works because she didn't want to be a burden to her parent so she decided to chip in the food expense. Then one of her co-worker at part time's place (a restaurant) gived a suggest to rent an apartment. But the cost to rent an apartment for a part timer is too expensive and her friend told her to chip in the apartment cost with her. 

They finally find a cheap apartment and will live together but her friend didn't tell Suzuko that she will live will her boyfriend also. Suzuko shocked but what should she do, the apartment expense was already paid. Suzuko prepared her moving to apartment and say goodbye to her brother. Her brother, Takuya, feel relief that he can studies without her sister's noise. But, an unexpected event happened. Her part timer's friend didn't come because she already broke up with her boyfriend. And her boy friend already has lived at the apartment. So Suzuko must live with him. 

Her friend's ex-boyfriend isn't a patient person. He didn't like Suzuko and her enthusiasm. One day Suzuko found a cat and she wanted to buy food for the cat. She left the cat at apartment. When she back from convenience store, the cat is already throwed away by her friend's ex-boyfriend. Suzuko is very angry and find that the cat is dead at the street. Finally she throws away his things and ended up at police station because her friend's ex-boyfriend reported that he lose some money, exactly one million yen. Actually the money is throwed away too but Suzuko didn't realize that he has money at home. Police stated that this is a criminal case, and of course Suzuko ended up in the jail.

When she is out from the jail, all of her friends and neighbors are making gossip about her in prison. And her brother seems troubled because he wanted to go to a private school. He afraid that he can't go to private school because his sister has a criminal record. Suzuko realizes that she is only burden to her family so she decided to move if she already has saved a million yen (hmm may be from this the title of movie is one million yen, lol). Why must one million yen? She said moving need lots money. She calculates moving expense needs one million yen. 

Before she moved, she can repair her relationship with his brother. His brother has a problem, he is bullied by his friend at school but when he saw his sister's brave to beat her friends that spoke about her criminal case. He admired his sister and want her sister to write a letter for him if she moved.

The first destination to move is beach and she found a job as a part-timer in beachside shop. The owner of this place praises her because she can make ice-snow cones better than him. While she is working, one of customer fallen in love to her but it seems Suzuko didn't like him. The boy aggresively approachs her but Suzuko looks troubled. Finally she can save to a million yen and moving again. The boy looks very dissapointed because he still didn't know Suzuko's name until she left.

The second destination is mountain. Suzuko wants to feel a different place other than beach. Luckily, she finds a job and also place to live at the owner of peach farm. Now, she works at this place and everyday picks peachs. She is also praised again because she can pick peach without leaves scratch to the peachs. But she must leaves this place again because she didn't want to help the village people as a PR girl to promote the peachs. All of village people force her and finally she told the reason why she can't. She has a criminal record.

She feels that beach and mountain are right place ti her so she decided to move to city again that the distance is only one hour from Tokyo. In this place, she found a job at flower shop. She can't do the works well and always being scolded by the manager. A boy, her co-worker at this flower shop, alwyas encourages her. And of course Suzuko falls for him, that boy named Nakajima seems like her also. They finally start their relationship and Nakajima approve all of Suzuko's past. 

one million yen girl 02 Pictures, Images and Photos
When a girl falls in love. (one million yen girl 02. Image credit by echowillow)

Will is this Suzuko's final destination?
What will happen to her family and her brother?
What does Suzuko think about this journey?
What is Suzuko's decision next?

The answer lies in the movie...
Watch it.

Actually I like the movie my rate for this movie 7.8 out of 10. I like the scene when Suzuko beat her friends that spoke ill things about her criminal record although she is a fine girl (I want to do the same thing, haha LOL). And the scene when Suzuko finally understands about the things that she did at her journey.

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