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Friday, March 2, 2012

Just For Laugh : Fullmetal Alchemist Koma Theater 3 (Side Joke from the Original TV Series)

How are you?
Lets laugh again...

Hughes : And you know? This year my daughter will turn into 3 years old. She will be cuter.
Sheska : Ah, congratulations.
Hughes : Do you want to see the photograph? You want it right?
Sheska : Ah, yes.
Hughes : My daughter look like my wife, she will be very beautiful in the future, right?
Sheske : You're right.
Hughes : This is my wife's photographs. Do you want to see it?
Sheska : Yes... Ah no, it's already begun, Mayor Hughes! Pap Pap Para!
Hughes : We will not change the topic but ahh Elisia is the name of my daughter. She has a cute name.
Sheska : Yes...

Part 1
Sheska : Ano, I have remembered all contents of Marcoh-san's book in my head. 
Ed : Really!!!
Al : You have remembered it all without nothing wrong?
Sheska : Yes...
Ed : Are you a god?
Sheska : Philoshoper stone's ingridients is live-human and it's all write in the book.
All : Uuhh...

Part 2 
Ed : Oi oi oldman! Inside your body is empty, right?
Oldman : You're right. When I'm alive I'm a slicer, I have known as assasin and I'm not an oldman.
(All of arrow point at his rubber hand and hair, front-bag, old pants, shocks and slippers.)
Ed : He is oldwoman. Che, it's make me frightened.

Part 3
Al : Nii-san, something that you can't talk to me. What is that?
Enemy : He... he... he... 
Ed : Actually, we.... aren't siblings.
Al : Hwaaa!!! Then this blood mark is counterfeit. I'm your brother, right?
Ed : No, the blood mark is real but you're not my brother. In your head, you are my sister. 
(There is another mark in head)
Al female version : Allo Onii-chan...
Al : Heee?!

Part 4
Staff (at phone) : I will contact you to Colonel Mustang. Please wait a while.
Hughes : Hurry up! Military is in very dangerous situation.
In the phone is heared Roy Mustang's voice.
Roy : Pach in... Pach in... The finger... Pach in... I'm a flame alchemist. A man who will be president of Amestris... My dream to make a harlem country... Now I look very handsome in mirror... Pach in pose of attacking enemy... I will turn on the flame in yout heart! Kyuun! My heart is burning up! Bakyun! Bakyun! Tonight, my mood will be a little good. Kaa!!
Maria : Mayor Hughes, please raise your hand! Ha?


To be continued...
Jang jang jang cham cham...

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