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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Utsukushii Rinjin

Utsukushi Rinjin Pictures, Images and Photos
Utsukushi Rinjin. Image credit by chrysopraseonyx
Utsukushii Rinjin or beautiful neighbor is a spring drama that aired in January. This drama is very interesting to me. This drama tell us about the life of a happy family that will be interfered by a woman as a neighbor. Oneday, Shun lost when her mother, Eriko, didn't look him. Eriko called her husband, Shinji, that works at Osaka. Kana, her neighbor at the time also helped her to search Shun with another neighbors. But they didn't find Shun. Police comes and told them that a boy found in pond and dead. Eriko was very scared and she cried. Eriko with her husband came to the police station, they look the body of the boy that found in pond. Suddenly, a police reported that he found a little boy on top of the tree near the pond. The little boy is Shun, Rio-kun found Shun when he feed his cat at the park.

After the incident, Eriko is scared because her only neighbor, Kana-san, moves to Osaka with her husband. Eriko will be alone at the resident because there is only two homes. She is scared because if something happen to Shun, she can't seek a help. She wants to move at Osaka too where her husband works. But her parent-in-law lives near the resident and she has a duty to care them. At the critical time, a woman rents and moves to Kana's house. Her name is Saki Meyer, she intoduces herself to Eriko at night. Eriko is very happy because she has a new friendly neighbor.

Eriko makes a good relationship with Saki. Saki is a friedly person and also beautiful. Saki admits to Eriko  that her husband is a foreign and they live separate. Eriko also intoduces her to Mayumi-san, one of Eriko's friend that lives in the down of resident. Shun didn't like Saki at first, he is scared when he looks Saki. But after a long period, Shun turns to like her because she helps him when he was bullying by his friend at swimming pool. Saki also teachs him how to going up the tree and she will not tell his mother. 

Eriko feels awkward and didn't secure because Shun is too close with Saki. Mayumi, her best friend, is angry with her when she meet her in the swimming pool. Eriko didn't know the reason why Mayumi is angry. Mayumi told her not to spread a rumour about her divorced and re-married. Eriko feels that she didn't tell to anyone. Actually, Saki is the person behind these. Saki invited Eriko to drink wine. When Eriko  was unconscious, Saki made Eriko to tell about herself, her life and also about her friend. At the time, Saki also went to the Shun's room to kill him. But after she heared Shun said "Mama", Saki was hesitated. Finally she didn't do anything but only hugged Shun. 

Eriko meets the father of the drowned boy at the pond when she wants to put a flower to respect about the incident. The father of the boy was very thankful. Eriko was grieving for something that happened to his son when her son was secured. After that she meets him again when she visits her mother-in-law at hospital. He tells Eriko that he will get a baby soon because his wife is pregnant. Eriko feels happy too and she told Saki about these. Saki's air face becomes pale.

Saki was planning to approach Eriko's husband that works at Osaka. She approaches and seduces him. And she tell him that her name is Eriko. Shinji feels strange about this woman but finally he fells to the her traps. Kana-san, Eriko's former neighbor found that Eriko's husband was walking and riding a taxi with a woman. The woman is Saki. Saki also meet with his husband to resolve their divorce. I think that Saki's husband is a foreign that has an eyes meet with her. But actually her husband is father of the drowned boy. 

What is Saki's planning?
Why she approaches Eriko?
What the reason behind her acts?
What will Eriko do after she knows the facts?

This is my first time to post with full English. I'm sorry if my prononciation or the sentences is hard to understand and strange. Actually I like this drama because the acting of Nakama Yukie as Saki was very good. Feel different when she was acting at TRICK or Gokusen that full of comedy. In this drama, Nakama Yukie showed a different role and I think she is success to bring a devil poor Saki. Hope you will enjoy this drama :)

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