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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Taisetsu na Koto wa Subete Kimi ga Oshiete Kureta

Taisetsu na Koto wa SUbete Kimi ga Oshiete Kureta Pictures, Images and Photos
Taisetsu na Koto wa SUbete Kimi ga Oshiete Kureta. Image credit by chrysopraseonyx
Taisetsu na koto subete kimi ga oshiete kureta, the title in English is I learned all the important things from you, is another spring drama that have aired at January. The story is about the life of a teacher that is viewed by another as a perfect teacher. But the fact is the teacher, Kashiwagi Shuji, isn't a perfect person that has tought by another. An incident changed his life and his lovely girl that will marry with him. His girlfriend is a teacher too that works at same school. Her name is Uemura Natsumi, he has been had a relationship with her from high school. They plan to marry at six month later. All of the people blessed them with happiness. But at the first day of the school year, Shuji made a fault. He realizes that he slept with a woman and he didn't know the woman. Finally he knows the woman is his student, Saeki Hikari. He can't pretend nothing happened. Also he will marry too, he didn't know how to say to Natsumi. He is very scared, Saeki also has his photo when they slept together. She uses this photo to make Shuji cancels his plan to marry her girlfriend. Saeki also approaches Natsumi with join in the basketball club. Natsumi becomes the adviser for these club. Natsumi didn't feel anything about Saeki. But Saeki is very jealous because her charm and kind. She plans to hurt her by giving some messages that she likes Shuji. Natsumi is a little anxiety but she trusts Shuji. 

Oneday, Shuji come back to his apartment and before that he called Natsumi to talk about the thing. Because Natsumi feels something happened with Shuji and Saeki. When he arrives at home, he feels presence of someone. He thinks it was Natsumi, but in there Saeki is waiting him. At same time, Natsumi arrives and she is shocked. She wants to leave that place but Shuji isn't permitted her. Finally, Shuji makes a clear statement that he loves Natsumi and he turns down Saeki. Saeki is down but finally she gives up about her feeling to her teacher. After Saeki returned home, Shuji told Natsumi that he would make a statement to school about these incident and canceled their wedding plan. Natsumi cried a lot, Natsumi still loves Shuji. She contacts Shuji and told him that she still wanted to marry him and pretended nothing happened. She also wants him to come when she will be fitting her wedding dress.

When they come to fitting the dress, a message comes to Natsumi's cellphone. She opens the message and looks shocked. The message content is Shuji's photo when he slept. Shuji is schoked too. Actually Natsumi is mad and she can't pretend nothing happened. The day of their wedding become closer and another teachers give blessed and proud of them. Shuji and Natsumi become awkward of this. And Natsumi becomes rough to Saeki.

Saeki didn't came to class and as her homeroom, Shuji must visit her to make her comes to school again. From her mother, Shuji knows that Saeki lives a hard life. She has a strange disease that makes her can't becomes a woman fully. Also she lost her lovely sister that she was proud. She regretted why didn't she die at the accident. She feels that she was a defective. Shuji feels pity to her and wants to help her. Saeki told his teacher that she would act nothing happened and blessed his wedding with Natsumi.

Some boys in class make photo competition and one of them intutively opens Saeki's phone. He sees that photo. In short time, the photo spreads in the class and they didn't believe that. Shuji come to class and they wants a confirmation. Saeki makes statement to protect Shuji but noone believes. Shuji finally admits that he was in the photo and slept with Saeki. All of students in class are shocked. One of student who likes Natsumi punch him. 

Saeki regretted it, because her fault Shuji will be fired. Her mother didn't permit her to go to school. But Saeki wants to go to school and must tells the truth of these. She admits that she didn't slept with Shuji but  only took his photo when he slept. She was going out and found his teacher was drunk. She accompanied him to his apartment and only slept in his side without doing nothing. But school decided to give a punishment, Shuji will be retire for a half of year. Saeki suffered from these and her friends at class didn't approve her.

When Shuji is given statement to retire temporary by school, Natsumi is waiting him at the school gate. She told Shuji that she would cancel their wedding plan and slapted him. The reason behind Natsumi cancelled their wedding plan because she felt that Shuji was in love with Saeki but he didn't notice it. Natsumi wants Shuji doing the right thing after what happened. She wants Shuji lives his life truly without telling him about her pregnancy.

What will Shuji do after something like that happened?
What will Natsumi do about her pregnancy? Will she tell Shuji?
What will happen to three of them after they meet again when Shuji end his punishment?
Who is the important person to Shuji?

These is the drama trailer, check it out :

Actually, I like these drama because Miura Haruma becomes the cast. I was shocked when found Haruma's presence in these drama. For this drama, Haruma must be a teacher that about 27 years old. So his presence must be older from his actual age. Haha :D But it's not a bad to know him becomes older and for make up too. Feeling strange at first but I can admit it. I think that the love chemistry isn't strong for Shuji to Natsumi. But I want to know what happen to them at final episode.

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