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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ao no Exorcist DVD Volume 3 Extra (Interview with Fukuyama Jun, Cast Voice for Okumura Yukio)

I found some interesting video about interview with some cast in Ao no Exorcist. But the video is completely removed at the site. I can't post up with the link (sorry). So I just write the review of interview. (update : I find the video link).

Host : Okamoto Nobuhiko (Voice of Okumura Rin)
Guest : Fukuyama Jun (Voice of Okumura Yukio)

Finally the twins are talking about this anime. Hmm just feel different, this interview like senpai-kohai talking. Fukuyama really teased Okamoto because their age difference is quite far. And Fukuyama is Dai-senpai (big senior) to Okamoto so Okamoto really admired him.

This talking is begun with the topic of otou otou no, otou otou no (a young young brother). Fukuyama considered his role as young brother and a very young brother because his age different with Okamoto is quite far (LOL).

Lets begin the interview topic. Ikimashou...

Q1 : What's is your favorite scene in Ao no Exorcist, Fukuyama-san?
Fukuyama really into this topic with high tension he open the tankoubon and said, "I really want to do with this scene. Boku to omae wa chigau! And you haven't had it? Now go and buy it!" (he talked to the us like that? Dare him... Hahahaha).
And when Okamoto requested him to do the scene with use his character voice as Yukio. Fukuyama really likes joke and teased Okamoto. Ckckckck...

Okamoto : Lets do it... 3.. 2.. 1
Fukuyama : Bare cha shouganai, dekiru jikan ga morao. (It's not Yukio's script but the enemy's script)
He used oldman voice.

Okamoto : Fukuyama-san! Please voiced Yukio's script.
Fukuyama : Ooohh, it's your intention?
Okamoto : Intention? Yukio... Fukuyama-san voiced Yukio, right?
Fukuyama : Ohh Yes I'm Yukio. Hahahaha...
Okamoto : So please voiced Yukio. Our fans expected that.
Fukuyama : But I had done it in anime. I always voiced Yukio from beginning, right? (What's your mean Fukuyama, you really teased and played Okamoto).

Okamoto : So please voiced that scene. Your favorite scene.
Fukuyama : I already said it earlier. (Goshh... He really teased Okamoto)
Okamoto : Please said it, lets go 3.. 2.. 1.. 0..
Fukuyama :  Chichi no you ni, ani ni you ni nari nakatta. Da ga sou yatte ikitekita watashi wa mono wa nanda... (This is not Yukio's script again. Okamoto is looked very sulky and lost words)
Okamoto : Who's that! Who's your voiced!
Fukuyama : It's sensei right?
Okamoto : Please don't voiced another roles.
Fukuyama : Okay... Boku wa omae ga chigau! (Yukio's script, finally)
Okamoto : Oh.. thanks...
Fukuyama : Are you an idiot?
They both laugh loudly... Hahahaha...

Q2 : In Ao no Exorcist manga, who is your favorite character?
Fukuyama : It's her/him right?
Okamoto : Hee?
Fukuyama : Your favorite chara is her right? You always repeatly said it, twice, thirdh... You like her right?
Okamoto : He.. Yeah, that's XX. But it's not her, it's only in the set (I quite didn't understand this talking with maru maru? perhaps Izumo?) 
Fukuyama : I already understood it... Baka...
Okamoto : Gomen nasai. But why?
Fukuyama : Didn't you understand! But my favorite character perhaps kimono no...
Okamoto : Ohh you really like her... (When they are talking, suddenly the poster behind them is dropped. Fukuyama just laughing)
Okamoto : Eeeehh, it's impossible right? Why? (He thinks that no wind or something that will make the poster is dropped)
Fukuyama : We're really sorry. But we will cut this session for a while. Please wait a minute.

Fukuyama : Aahhh... It's really the AC...
Okamoto : AC! It's related? (He thinks AC isn't the suspect at the room)

Fukuyama : Haaa... So my fav chara is Shiemi. Her clothes is beautiful.
Okamoto : Shiemi ka... So the clothes... Hee, only this point?
Fukuyama : You know clothes that suit a girl is kimono, right?
Okamoto : Yes, and also Shiemi's style.
Fukuyama : Right, Look here the rosario and she wears a flower headband. It's really a good clothes. The flower too... And also my fav chara is Suguro... (Fukuyama raised the manga tankoubon with the Suguro's cover highly)
Okamoto : He, why also him? What's the mean?
Fukuyama : It's normal right? We like fav chara based on male and female. Female fav chara is Shemi but male fav chara is Suguro.
Okamoto : Oohh, I know. It's right. He is really like Rin but like an enemy.
Fukuyama : If he weren't exist, you are only like a Bon (?).
They both laugh, the true point if Suguro weren't exist, Rin will look like Bon.

Okamoto : It's very rough words but I will look like Bon? I like Bon, he is a key person.
Fukuyama : Right, his role is big. Where he were here in the anime, many friends surrounding him right? Also his straight character and his spirit up. For Rin, he is very good person, right?
Okamoto : Yes, he is good person... Good things ne?
Fukuyama : In anime his role is really deep.
Okamoto : Yes, saikou (the best). So please look at him and check it.

Q3 : Please tell us what is your similar point and different point about the cast that you voiced with your personality?
Okamoto : Yukio right?
Fukuyama : Yes, hmm... He is a young brother right? The truth I'm also a young brother. (Hee Fukuyama has sister or brother?)
Okamoto : So a young brother chara right?
Fukuyama : Hmmm, young brother chara ne. The feeling of a young brother that care to his older brother which similar to me is a lot.
Okamoto : Hee, so where is the some same point? An example.
Fukuyama : An example?
Okamoto : Hee his eyes is widely open, (may be Okamoto read Fukuyama's expression is very scary)
Fukuyama : An example? Hahaha...
They both laugh again.
Okamoto : Hee... Scary... He's scary (Poor Okamoto being played by Fukuyama)

Fukuyama : So please read all of the manga, for who already bought it. Heee.... You haven't had it? Go buy it!!! (Again? hahaha). So the similar personality point are the tenacious point, a young brother that protect his older brother who is struggling... a young brother that had a dream and grew up more mature because see his older brother personality.
Okamoto : That's right, it's look like the young brother follows up his older one right?
Fukuyama : Yes... Like the young watchs his older brother's action and personality so he wants to grow up more mature than his brother.  (Wuaahh quite long to understand this talking).

Hmm so Fukuyama really wanted to surpass his brother or sister, nee?
Fuuhh quite a long time to undertand their talking.
But it's very enjoying to hear them speak up about their voiced character.
But Okamoto is really played and teased by Fukuyama.

To be continued to Volume 4

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