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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Subtitle for Freeter, Ie wo Kau episode 9 & 10

Fuuhhh... Finally I can finish this subs. Thanks for Freeter Japanese-subs, I get the timing and only change the sub. But for episode 10th, I didn't sure the sub is well because I translate it with my limit japanese vocabulary. So I'm sorry if you didnt understand it...

I share the link as well too.
Freeter Ie wo Kau episode 9 subtitle : here
Freeter Ie wo Kau episode 10 subtitle : here

Hope u'll enjoy it :)


  1. Yeii thx a lot for these subs! Anyway can u post sub for ep 7 and 8 please? I was really stresses out cannot find any of those subs. SO can u? onegaishimasu :(

  2. Wuah, I'm sorry. I cant upload for episode 7 & 8 because I didn't get the softsub. By the way you can find the hardsub at dramacrazy.net


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